The aeolian harp was fashioned from the branch of a fig tree in my grandfathers summer shack on the island of Lesbos, guitar strings, piezo pickups and a guitar tuning head. The fig branch was bent slowly using a bucket of water heated by the sun and held in tension by string. The piezo pickups are connected to a high sensitivity amplification device and in this instance piped through the audio system of the venue  

The harp was 'performed' at a venue 'Zorba' in Eressos, during the annual summer arts festival in 2008. I am facing the ocean so the harp is able to capture gentle sea breezes. At one point around the 44 min mark, a wasp settled on the strings adding an unpredicted element to the sonic experience.

Recording of the event.  

Figure 2 - Death of Orpheus (1494) by Albrecht Dürer

The death of Orpheus

Enraged, the women tore him to pieces during the frenzy of their Bacchic orgies.

His head, still singing mournful songs, floated along with his lyre down the River Hebrus into the sea, after which the winds and waves carried them to the island of Lesbos.