Grover is in the house (or has he left the building?)


A cat flap was installed and modified to be lockable using servo motors, an arduino and a real time clock, to enable my cat Grover's freedom of movement within the restrictions of the curfew imposed by local authorities. A simple surveillance system was established to observe his behavior and to ensure that the system functioned as intended. At this stage of the project, functionality is good but there are some issues with Grover's willingness to participate. Thus far a large archive of images collected from the surveillance system exists. These are mostly of Grover leaving and entering the house through the cat flap. The system allows for voice communication so that it is possible to talk to Grover when we are away hopefully helping to reduce his separation anxiety. We are unclear as to what rights an animal has to privacy in the first instance. Furthermore, the incorporation of a RFID reader will allow true registration of Grover’s presence and restrict the utilisation of the cat flap by other beasts. It is intended to train a neural network with images of Grover in order to create a better recognition system.